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When we decided to make a prosecco mixed case we spent longer than we’d like to admit in the warehouse talking about our favourite Proseccos. It was a close call but we have narrowed it down to the three we think will make any celebration, no matter how small, special. Bubbles in the Bubble anyone?

x2 One of our best selling Proseccos is the 47 Anno Domini Organic Diamond Cut Prosecco DOC Spumante. The beauty of this wine doesn’t just end at the bottle. This very soft wine offers refreshing acidity with lots fruity flavours such as apple, apricot and some banana. We don’t doubt it won’t end up on a few Instagrams along with someone quickly googling ‘Wine Bottle Craft Ideas’ and hiding the empty bottle in their bag.

x1 Last but not least is our 47 Anno Domini Prosecco DOC Spumante Extra Dry Millesamato. Nicknamed the ‘Squiggly One’ in our office, our new arrival is dry and velvety, fresh, vibrant and fruity. Simply put Millesamato means from a single vintage (at least 85% of the Glera grapes have to be from the same harvest). This is the Prosecco for the Prosecco purist

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