Many of Claymore’s wines are named after some of the world’s legendary rock songs, albums and artists. To them, the labels are those that resonate beyond their time, across generations and have become something of modern classics; they holds similar aspirations for their wines. To silence any critics who may see the rock icons as a gimmick, Claymore Wines has grown into a serious boutique wine business.

6 Bottle Case Price includes 5% discount, 12 Bottle Case Price includes 10% discount

The selection is as follows:

x 1 Claymore 'Walk This Way' Riesling 2021 RRP £15.50

x 1 Claymore ‘Skinny Love’ Viognier 2016 RRP £10.95 

x 1 Claymore 'Voodoo Child' Chardonnay 2016 RRP £14.50

x 1 Claymore ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ Shiraz  RRP £16.95

x 1 Claymore ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ Cabernet Sauvignon RRP £14.95

x 1 Claymore 'Blackbird' Sangiovese 2016 RRP £16.75

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