Appearance: Brilliant cherry

Nose: A a savoury bouquet, perfumed with cherry, quince paste, and very subtle smoky oak complexity.

PalateThe palate is elegant, medium bodied, with a good line of acidity and a clean finish. Lingering ripe cherry flavour balanced by distinct but gentle tannins.

Food Pairing: With its bold fruit flavours, present tannin and natural acidity, Nero d’Avola is a great wine to match with rich meats. Some classic pairings include a good ol' beef stew, but you could easily swap this for a juicy burger. The gamier the meat the better because it will simply make your wine taste more fruity. There is a natural spiciness to the wine so do not dismiss spicier food. This would be heaven with crispy duck and plum sauce. Vegetarians need not miss out, puy lentils can hold their weight with Nero d'Avola.

About the wineSue Trott's geese have been known to fluctuate in numbers becoming victim to marauding foxes. I am not sure the geese will be too happy to discover that Sue has named her latest wine 'La Volpe' (meaning fox)! Italian varieties do well on Australia and this wine is no exception under the safe hands of Sue Trott.

Country: McLaren Vale, Australia

Grape Variety: Nero d'Avola

ABV: 14.03%

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