Our Sustainability Promise

For a long time our passion has been finding small producers that follow organic and sustainable practices.

The region of McLaren Vale in Australia has some of the most variable, ancient and weathered soils on the planet. More than 40 unique geological units are present, ranging in age from less than 10,000 years to over 650 million years. 19 different soil types have been identified in one of the most detailed soil studies carried out in any wine region.

Grapes do not like high temperatures so climate change is bad for wine. The producers we champion in McLaren Vale follow sustainable practices avoiding fertilisers and pesticides, dry farming (they do not waste water on irrigation but leave the vines to strive) and hand picking their grapes. Although importing wines is not as sustainable as we'd dream for it to be, we are making small but important differences in the way we import and sell wine.

We only import wine by sea freight and never air freight, we work with suppliers to reduce their bottle weight and we have switched to pulp packaging which is made locally in the UK from 100% waste material meaning it's 100% compostable, 100% reusable & 100% recyclable. We've been using any extra pulp packaging in the garden for as long as we've used it to package our wine! We’ve scrapped pointless paperwork in our orders and what we can send digitally we will.

Although we still have a long way to go we are excited for the future of sustainability in wine and we hope you'll join us, perhaps with a good bottle or two along the way!