Appearance: Dark, deep, rub red, with clear purplish tones.

Nose: This wine is clear and complex, with enjoyable hints of cherry and red berries fragrance, followed by a marked vanilla and spicy note.

Palate: Excellent mouth entry, elegant and warm, sapid and full bodied. Good length and persistence that leaves an enjoyable soft sensation and a pleasant mouth which asks for another sip. With nuances of cherry,plum and spice.

Food Pairing: Aglianico combines very well with all roasted red meats and aged cheeses.

About the wine: Scarcely known outside southern Italy , but Aglianico is one of Italy’s noble grapes which ranks alongside Barolo in quality and why it is often referred to as the Barolo of the south.

Winemaker: Cantina Tombacco

Country: Beneventano, Campania, Italy

Grape Variety: Aglianico

ABV: 14%

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