Appearance: Deep, dark, intense, with pleasant slight granite shades.

NoseA sequence of perceptions of cherry, plum, and black cherries under liquor and toasted almond; interesting final notes of coffee, tobacco and cocoa

Palate: Powerful, warm, spacious, wrapping, light tannic sensation, persistent, long pleasant final sensation of clean oral cavity and the subsequent salivation feeling

Food Pairing: Amarone della Valpolicella combines well with game and grilled red meats as well as with long seasoned aged hard cheese. Also a great contemplation wine

About the wine: From Valpolicella an unmissable powerful wine, warm, wide, enveloping, deep, dark and intense.

Winemaker: Scuola Grande

Country: Veneto, Italy

Grape Variety: Corvina

ABV: 15.5%

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