Appearance: A showstopper – such a delicate, shimmering, pale pink that it’s hard to believe there could be any weight or flavor at all. But then rich and powerful in the mouth with notes of strawberry, cranberry, fresh herb and anise all clean and crisp and creamy.

Nose: An explosion of red fruit.

Palate: Red fruits push through the citrus and grapefruit acidity to give a creamy, ripe wine, the palate is soft and complex.

About the wine: The Maîtres Vignerons use their extensive experience to carefully select their PGIs so that the wine profiles match consumer expectations perfectly: Light, fresh, fruity and easy to drink. To obtain wines of the highest quality, the Maîtres Vignerons have developed close relations with partner wine cellars. Caprice results from the selection of quality wines for immediate pleasure.

Country: Provence, France

Grape Variety: Shiraz/Syrah

ABV: 12.5%

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