Appearance: If you can lift the bottle (it really is heavy!), on the pour you’ll release an intense ruby red liquid with garnet highlights

Nose: Stick your nose in and you are greeted by a warm, complex, enveloping aroma, with perfume of mature berries especially blueberry, blackberry and wild strawberries. Then a second wave hits you with hints of plum, black cherries and vanilla. But wait... it still hasn’t finished, now we’re getting light nuances of tobacco, dark chocolate and green pepper.

Palate: It is everything it promises with a warm, elegant, mature, complex and important mouthfeel that reveals soft berries, glorious spicing and just gorgeous supple tannins. The long ageing in cement has preserved all the exquisite particular flavours of the grapes that crescendos to a spectacular mouth warming long finish that demands you take another sip.

Food Pairing: Well the good news is it is incredibly versatile and food friendly. It’s excellent with strong meats like game and venison and will pair up wonderfully with meaty stews and hard cheeses.

About the wine: Cement dipped bottle, wax cap and leather label: we had never seen a bottle like it until we found this truly remarkable Le Argille Cabernet Di Cabernet. Originating from Treviso, Italy, in vineyards surrounded by the river Sile, this strong, serious and unique wine is aged in concrete barrels for two years. This method allows the the winemakers to produce an immaculate wine free from oak interference, so that the flavour comes entirely from the grapes themselves. Its uniqueness is fully preserved along with its warm, refined, and mature taste.

Country: Treviso, Italy

Grape Variety:  60% Cabernet, 40% Merlot

ABV: 15%

International Wine Challenge 2021 - Bronze

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