Nose: Collection opens with notes of white fruit, citrus zest and acacia blossom, which are followed by a light touch of roasted hazelnuts, the hallmark of the Chardonnay. The long, very pure structure ends on a pleasing saline note

Palate:  The long, very pure structure ends on a pleasing saline note. Collection’s freshness, precision and finesse make it an exceptionally approachable champagne, yet one that also evolves beautifully over time to reveal even more complex and precise flavours

About the wine: "Driven by a new ambition and freedom, with the creation of Collection, we are writing the next chapter of our story. The times we live in; climate change and the importance of practicing a sustainable viticulture that respects the living environment in order to fully express the qualities of the terroir, these are all factors that must be taken into account. Anticipating future seasons and adapting to the present are our ongoing challenges; we felt we had to take our quest for excellence in our blends to the next stage, permitting ourselves to be bold and uninhibited in our approach.

The facts were there for all to see. Climate change has affected the Champagne region over the last 30 years; we viewed this as an opportunity: by harvesting riper grapes in earlier harvests, we would be able to produce a vintage champagne more often. This new context, of course, affects the development of our wines. The possibilities offered in terms of the wines’ typicity and characteristics were broadening our winemaking scope."

Country: Champagne, France 

Grape Variety: 42% Chardonnay, 36% Pinot Noir, 22% Pinot Meunier

ABV: 12%

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