Appearance: Intense ruby-red

Nose: complex bouquet, reminiscent of cherries, dried berries and toasted almonds

Palate: In the mouth it is full-bodied yet smooth and elegant with a silky texture. The finish is long and lingering, with a burst of spiced cherries and bright fruit and earthiness at the end

About the wine: The grapes are sourced from organic vineyards in Puglia where the vines are grown as free-standing bush vines. 100% Primitivo grapes are harvested by hand into small wooden crates. The crates are then placed in aerated lofts for 2 to 3 weeks to dry the grapes out. During this process, known as Appassimento and famously used in Amarone production, the grapes lose about 30% of their weight. Thus the flavours, aromas and natural sweetness are all concentrated

Country: Puglia, Italy

Grape Variety: Primitivo

ABV: 14%

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