Nose: Dynamic dark berry fruit and chocolate notes

Palate: A beautiful pure and accessible style, very drinkable

Food Pairing: Try with beef stew, cassoulet, Roasted lamb or duck confit. Aged cheeses like Roquefort

What the winery says: " Around 7,000 years ago, wine-loving humans started to cultivate grapes rather than foraging them, and fashioned clay pots, which they filled with grapes and buried in the ground to maintain the temperature, and in which, over several months, the magic of winemaking happened. We wanted to go back to the origins and do the same by using only a clay amphora, grapes and the indigenous yeast that are naturally present in the skins. 

Sustainable farming: we apply principles of organic agriculture with a strong focus in caring for the environment. The goal is to achieve a balanced viticultural ecosystem with the minimum possible intervention, while considering carefully the impact each of our actions may have."

Country: Progreso, Canelones, Uruguay

Grape Variety: 100% Tannat

ABV: 13%

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