Appearance:  A deep orange-hued wine, due to the use of little to no additives this unfiltered wine is a little cloudy.

Nose: It smells like apple, honey and Rock and Roll

Palate: It has a beautiful vibrant apple fruit character with a marmalade and honey finish and striking acidity

Food Pairing: Moroccan dishes, Korean and Japanese dishes, particularly kimchi. Very impressive on it’s own

About the wine: This is cofermented, winemaking involves leaving the grape skins and pips in contact with the juice for 35 days and then aging half in barrels, half in tanks for 6 months. This develops a naturally stable wine reducing the need other forms of stabilization like the use of high levels of Sulphur Dioxide. It is an ancient form of wine making which is gathering momentum around the world.

What the winery says: "Sustainable farming: we apply principles of organic agriculture with a strong focus in caring for the environment. The goal is to achieve a balanced viticultural ecosystem with the minimum possible intervention, while considering carefully the impact each of our actions may have"

Country: Juanico, Canelones, Uruguay

Grape Variety: 50% Petit Manseng, 50% Gros Manseng

ABV: 13%

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