Made with windfall apples picked from our village of Wollaston, Northamptonshire (picked by Ivor Tilley and his two grandsons!)

In The Bottle: Peter makes his cider from the garden fruit of Little and Great Addington and the surrounding villages. This product is made in small batches and the contents will vary in nature (I add a very small amount of sugar to bottle-condition and get some fizz).

Our cider is made without adding sulphites, colourings, water, sweeteners, or anything else!  It is made like you’d expect it to be, from 100% apple juice (technically commercially produced cider only has to b 36% fruit juice in it, the rest is, well we don’t know what!).

We do add Young’s Cider Yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation – there’s nothing worse than all of the physical effort of making the cider being ruined by some errant yeasts!

It is bottle conditioned so if you like your cider cloudy, pour the whole bottle into a glass, otherwise pour and leave the sediment behind. Please accept this cider for what it is, an unadulterated product made by hand with care and passion.

Peter Little, Hand crafter at the Addington Garden Cidery.

*Best consumed within two years of purchase. Made from 100% fruit juice with nothing added except a little yeast and touch of sugar.

**May contain pieces of apple.

***It is strong, please drink responsibly.

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